20 Million Campaign

The 20 Million Campaign is how we advocate for our 20 million fellow citizens at risk for losing health care.

Who We Are: We are a group of physician advocates concerned about the ~20 Million Americans who face losing their health care if the Affordable Care Act is repealed.

We Believe: We believe that health care need not be a political talking point. That a country as great as ours should ensure every one of its citizens has the capacity to live healthfully. That empathy should be apolitical. That advocating for these 20 million is how we live out our Oath.

Our Goal: We hope to elevate the discussion of health care above politics and remind our fellow citizens and the legislators that health care is ultimately about caring for human beings. We want to ensure that whatever legislation is repealed or passed, that the 20 million are not forgotten. We want to ensure that each every citizen has a real opportunity to be one of our patients.

Who You Are: You are fellow physicians, care providers, patients, friends, and family who similarly believe in the value and importance of care for the 20 million.

Join us. Join the 20 Million Campaign.