What our Signatories are Saying

We’ve askedĀ our signatories to tell us why they’ve joined our cause. Hear what they have to say:

I completely agree. Healthcare is a necessity. It is unconscionable that it could be list to so many.

In the fall of 2017, I will begin my first year of medical school with the intention of becoming the kind of physician who promotes the health and well-being of ALL members of my community, especially the underserved and historically disenfranchised. It’s time that we step up above our political skirmishes to treat healthcare as what it is: a fundamental human right.

Everyone deserves a right to healthcare. We will spend more money on care if we strip people of their ability to access the care they need in non-emergent situations.

My husband was 41 when diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer. Without the ACA and protections (that he not be denied or lose coverage due to his pre-existing condition and no annual or lifetime limits on benefits) we would be bankrupt, or worse he would choose to not receive treatment which would mean certain death.

While the Affordable Care Act is far from perfect, it has greatly increased access to care for a great number of men, women, and children. I take care of these people every day. Repealing the ACA rather than working to improve it would be catastrophic.

I am a public health professional and work with underserved communities everyday. I have witnessed improvements in the lives of many because of the expanded coverage in health care under the ACA. As a society based on the belief of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all, taking away health care insurance for millions is simply un-American.

Access to health care is critical for all people.

As a pediatrician working in the safety net, I see how vital the ACA is in providing healthcare for children and their families. I agree that lost lives are too high a cost to pay for political games. We need to go forward, not backward, to provide this basic human right for all Americans.

I believe health care for all people is a right and not a privilege. Talk of vouchers sound like a way to exclude many people from affordable health care. I am a psychiatric nurse who cares for many people who cannot afford to pay. I also have heart disease and am close to retirement. Does that mean that I will not get health care coverage.?There are rural hospitals in Colorado that worry that the loss of Affordable Care Act might sink them and consequently their communities . I urge the current administration to recognize the impact repealing “Obamacare” will have on millions of Americans.

I, like you and the vast majority of world, believe affordable healthcare is a right. Many more could lose access to care with repeal of the ACA because of pre-existing conditions. Republicans are pushing to allow insurance companies to deny coverage because the customer once had a gap in coverage. Thank you for your campaign.

Its important to me because I know that without affordable and accessible health care many of my patients who are among those 20 million persons will die or suffer unnecessarily. Undetected and untreated high blood pressure, diabetes, colon cancer and even dental infections and other illnesses can be deadly. I don’t want my patients to suffer when we have the resources in this country to prevent it.

My sister has type 2 diabetes. And should not be excluded from health insurance due to a preexiating condition. We are the US of A. Everyone should be able to have access to health insurance


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